Saturday, April 21, 2012

.. and i'm back!

Oh, is this the new Blogger format?  I'm not getting it, I think!  How is it supposed to be an improvement over the old?

Anywhooo..I've been promising to post and I haven't, but this time I cross my heart promise that I will post, what little I've done, visual evidence of my lack of progress :(  

Lots of things going on at work and at home.  6 days of no internet (real cause - renovation!), changes at work, changes I've been trying to implement on self (exercise, speed up dressing time.. difficult!), stash enhancement (I've been lured into spending, even with so much to stitch at home).

So anyway, here goes...   AARGH!  here we go again.. the last time I tried to post (a week ago) the pic came out like this...  when I view it in Picasa it's perfectly fine, it's vertical.. and here, when I post, horizontal.  ACCCCK!

I swear, this is so  discouraging!  I'll have to take another pic and re-post.  Well anyway, you can see that I'm 99% done. Just have to sew the yellow stamens in the middle of the blue flowers, and that's it.

And in other news... the Maria Winkler peaches WIP

You can see more of the peach, but my objective is actually to do more of the stitching to the right of it.. I want to see if I'll have enough fabric for the border. Yes.. I've done the unspeakable.. left only 1.5 inches of border!  That's because the only Aida I have that matches the finished "Plums" sampler is this one!  My one and only piece of white Aida 14ct.  so I'm hurrying to the border (sounds like I'm doing it for real lol) to see if it'll be enough.  I did use a calculator, thank you.  

I would like to start on the MBT "Peace" ornament from JCS Christmas 2008, and the heart from the Workbasket.  Hopeful that I get to start both today.  I'd also like to do some stitching on my UFO/BAP Whimsey and Wit Advent Alphabet.. but honestly I have not touched that since March!  If I do I may skip the (evergreen) tree and go straight to F for "Fireplace".

For now I have to run some errands (conveniently in the middle of the day so that I can cool off at the mall, ha ha).. and for some reason I can't remember what the errands are.  I think maybe buy some lightbulbs (it's Earth Day, so maybe LED) to replace some bulbs here, facepowder, comfy slides, a v-neck blouse cause it's SO hot.  And that's it for now... until later, when I post my progress.

Happy Sunday, everyone!  And a warm welcome to my newest friends !

Okay, now how do I post this?  LOL