Sunday, August 19, 2012

a late, not so short post.. i'm still here!

hi everyone, just felt the need to post and have my presence noted. hello from this rainy patch of earth in asia!  it's raining even as i write.

it's not been a super stitchy month for me but i've managed to finish stitching a square meant to go in a quilt, for a cancer patient (whew what a long description, there must be a way to say this in a more mellifluous way!).  it's a Madame La Fee floral heart, a freebie actually.  i'm not able to post pictures, which i've been wanting to do, because my camera seems to have given up on me.  it is able to record in video mode, can show my previous photos, but in camera mode, it shows a black screen.  i googled my problem and it seems that maybe my camera's pixels have shorted, blacked out, or just in general given up the ghost.. lol   well, i turned it off then and haven't fiddled with it since, and now i am re charging the batteries, hoping the happening was a fluke.  we'll see, when the battery's been charged and loaded into the camera again. keep your fingers crossed for me, please!

in other news, my lovely stitching friend sent me the out of print and hard to find, BBD Loose Feathers No. 31 "Blessings and Kind Wishes". wasn't that sweet, and super generous of her? i was hunting all over for it to complete the Blackbird Designs Mystery Sampler, and she found it, and gifted me with it.. and it arrived last Thursday!!!  Showing her the BBD Mystery Sampler also made her want her own set, :-)   i must say, i quite enjoy being able to share stitchy news with her.  okay, that's another photo owing...

in a fit of madness, i bought a Bleu de Chine chart "Violets" and got into a whole lot of trouble over paying via PayPal.  don't ask!  although i'll write about it in my next post.  again my friend helped me out with that.  lol   if you ever get the chance, look up the The French Needle website.  if you're tired of the usual designs and charts, mosey along there and you'll be dazzled with what you find.

another extremely kind stitcher helped me with eBay-- purchasing a "Burda International" magazine. i have the magazine (bought all the way back in 1993) , but lost the charts, as the charts were all on 2 pages stapled in the middle of the magazine!  not one of the smartest things in formatting, i have to say.  

i'm thinking that at this point, i really should catalog all my purchases. i hasten to add that most of my purchases have been from fellow stitchers, hence most of these have been at least half price.  i'm excited at the thought of stitching the charts and looking at the fabrics i bought.. some linens at 32, 26 and 40ct, some aida.. they aren't here yet, but if i'm lucky they'll be here by Christmas.  how's that for something to look forward to?

August has, in the past 5 years, not been a good's hoping we get through it unscathed..

anyway, wherever you are.. i hope the month of August is being kind to you!  Blessings and Kind Wishes to you! :-)