Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hello it's me!

I can't believe I haven't posted in all this while! I have thought about it but with my favorite camera out of commission I haven't been in the mood to post.. and let's face it, what's a post without pictures??  Though I didn't realize it's been almost a month since I've posted!  and I have so many things to show!

The fabric for "A Most Noble Pursuit" arrived from my cousin (it's Lakeside Linen 36ct), as has the chart.. only I have to stock up on floss!  My other stuff also arrived - Prairie Schooler's "Garden Samplers", some LKs , Praiseworthy Stitches' "Hope" and a whole heap of other charts which I'll have to look through tomorrow so I can post. I hope to post again - that is, if I can buy the AA batteries for the Nikon - I didn't know I needed to get NiCad or lithium, and not the alkaline no matter how expensive.  So I hope I can do that tomorrow.

It's not that I've lost my mojo - I started on La D Da's "A Bushel and a Peck" and though it's kind of easy (only 4 or so colors and no confetti stitches!), it's also been not very interesting to stitch. I suspect it's because of all the counting I have to do because of all the space.  I must say, I do like to see solid stitching though I find the going a bit hard at times.  I also made a start on the freebie gift tags from last December's "Cross Stitcher" magazine which I bought in Kinokuniya Singapore.  So that's another pic I'll have to post.  And the start I made on the freebie heart from DMC for a quilt square - I'm late!

We've been so busy at work..  you can't imagine!  And yet we all sort of live under a cloud, because of new management's "list" (of people who are 'in the navy').    Well anyway, enough of that.. nothing to do but put one's nose to the grindstone and work these absurdly long hours!

So.. till later!  Wish me luck on those batteries... and thanks to Aurelia and Joysze, for their inspiring comments!  Keep 'em coming, I appreciate them so much!

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  1. DOH!! What happened to your camera??? If the favorite is out of commission, don't you have a less favorite one? LOL!! Just kidding!!!

    Yeah, I find having to count lots of empty spaces tedious too. Seems like you sit there and stitch forever and only do a little cos of all the counting.