Thursday, January 17, 2013

a day (or two) late!

Hello!  Okay, I'm a day late but my learning yesterday was something really useful - at least for me and my mom.  It concerns the Touchpad, which is very useful for us to surf with while in bed.  If your screen is frozen or stuck - that is, not responding to your touch, not bringing up the keyboard onscreen -- press and hold the power and home button for at least 20 seconds until the HP screen comes up and voila!  Your touchpad screen is working again!

My learning today is, do at least 10 minutes of exercise each morning (duh, you might be saying, but bear with me). Your body will wake up and you'll feel more energized!  There's something about this cool early morning weather that makes one want to burrow and get back to the zzzzs rather than wake up.   The associated lack of sun - the sky's overcast and the sun doesn't get bright and light until past 7 -- makes it hard to get going in the morning.  I'm not complaining about the weather -- I just wish I had more time in the morning to enjoy it!  lol

I called my nearest LNS and found that they have Lugana, so I am off on Saturday to buy it.  Can't wait to get started on my SALs!  My mom paid for one of them so I have to show some action! :-)

Received some stash from my dear cousin again.  Some things I bought online, and some she gifted me with.. plus a pair of Sofftspots mocs! Yippee!  Stay tuned for photos!  Wish me luck, still looking for the camera USB cord...!

It's my nephew's birthday this weekend; wish we could be there to celebrate with him.. there's just too much work, can't get time off to visit.  Despite that.. Happy 14th kiddo!

And to everyone else, Happy stitching!

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