Thursday, April 11, 2013

non-stitchy post

Hi all, thank you for your comments! You've all been very encouraging.

I haven't had much stitching done this past week except for a few stitches on the Italian flower wip (which I had to frog, sigh).  Someone dropped off the gift of a dog, a Boston terrier, for my mom (who's away for a couple of days).  I was so surprised and taken aback. She's a cutie though.  No name yet and I'm waiting for my mom to do the honors.  As you can imagine, being totally unprepared for it we have none of the paraphernalia for dog ownership! Many years ago my dad used to breed poms and German shepherds but that was many, many years ago.. God bless my dad.. so no more fences, carriers, harnesses or collars and definitely no dog food! Anyway, will post pics over the weekend. Any tips for a new BT owner?

On a side note, I've had a few rough days in the office.. so please spare me and the person concerned (see, I think it would help that person too!)  some good thoughts, prayers, white light, if you would! Or in any case, I'd appreciate all you can send over my way  :-)

In the meantime, good stitching!

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