Thursday, May 2, 2013

and upward..

Thank you for your kind thoughts, everyone.. I am positive they helped me through the worst of the past 2 weeks.  When I stop and really think about it, it's not so bad.. I'm not the only one at work affected; everyone feels the same way!  It's the lack of civility and the lowering of the 'tone' in the office (because of a new boss) that has us all demoralized... just praying that this all resolves soon!

Anyhow.. I promised some pics, and pics I do have.

First, my Magicas Puntadas..  I am woefully behind!

The first installment was to be finished by February 25, the second, March something, the third by April something.  I am resigned to the fact that I am never going to catch up and will have to buy the chart when she releases it.  I caught a bad case of flu, then had to take care of my mom, then there was my mom's party to plan, and guests at home.  Many reasons, beginning with only getting the fabric a week into the stitching, but I think the chief of them is that I just don't stitch fast.  The first installment has around 8-10 pages of stitching!

Sorry for the blurry pics.  Now the next pic.

La D Da "A Bushel and a Peck".  I've made some progress.. you can see I've stitched all the words and the upper branches and leaves.. and in fact I should have been finished by now if not for some missing floss.  DMC 644 and the rest.. I had 2 skeins and I don't know where they went!  I was on a roll Saturday. just stitching along... looked what feels like everywhere... they were segregated together with the DMCs for the Magicas Puntadas.  No idea where the whole lot  went. Grrr.  

The last one, above,  is Lilacs from a Leisure Arts "State Flower Collection" -- the old leaflet not the one by Jorja Hernandez.  I stitched three from that leaflet, Crocuses and I forget what the last one was... it's around here somewhere.  I will look around and post.  I just love the colors!

No picture of our new pet "Sparky" - a cute 5-month old Boston Terrier.  A really unexpected gift sent to my mom, we are still trying to train her!  Sparky is hugely social and likes people.  We are still getting used to having a pet again; we've had several before but the others were around under my dad's supervision.. we had a dachshund, some Poms, and German Shepherds.. would you believe?  I miss my dad a lot.

I'd like to say again.. thanks for your kind thoughts and comments.. they mean a lot to me!

Til the weekend.. happy stitching!


  1. All your projects look wonderful. Love the colors in Magicas one. Did you find your threads? I have some DMC 644 I can send you if you like. Just let me know or email me your address. I know it frustrating when you don't have or can't find the colors you need. New puppy sounds darling.
    love Annette

  2. Beautiful work! Love everything!