Wednesday, September 18, 2013

an update!

hello, along the lines of "what was i thinking?", i present my latest progress on "Dreams".  everyone else in the SAL is on the homestretch and here am i, plodding on stage 1, lol.
the entire bottom is almost done, with my fabric looking a little the worse for wear:

okay, now what did i do? it says i inserted a jump break, whatever that is...
a close up of the area i got done:

yes, that is awful, awful masking tape at the bottom edge.. no serger, and the shop i bought it from didn't have one, either.  i was very very lucky to find the fabric at all!

and now my kinder goody/freebie.  what is it? honestly i don't know. looks like some sort of boat that won't go, despite the red propellers on the left.  ah well.   i sometimes put the earrings i have worn for the day in it.:

i bought another kinder surprise egg, and i couldn't figure out what the "toy" was all about.  while i was pondering the little leaflet, it got lost among the paper on the table.  you can see the second 'toy' on the right-hand side (blue thinggummy with orange plastic stuff).

re my stitching, i will continue to plod -- at the very least if i make a mirror image of both sides (this bottom row, almost done, and the right hand side, not even started) -- i will have a frame.  i just hope i have the moolah to purchase the chart again (only the cost is now 8x the original, if i'd been able to follow the SAL!)

it's thursday here and we're over hump day, but i have a pretty intense work week ahead. wish me luck please!

happy stitching!