Saturday, November 30, 2013

oy vey -- has it been that long?

Ack, again!  Has it been that long?  Oh dear, I lost track of time.  I have no new finishes per se to show, just progress on some WISPs and a start or two..

First off (no photo), I gathered more steam on the floral sampler but lost my mojo.. I was very behind and made the mistake of writing to ask if I could still catch up (this was in June I think), and received a reply only in October, of all things.. and I completely lost all interest in it. Also in October, I read the sad news about Cathey of pumpkinpatch and co and I just cried for her.  I 've sent up prayers for her and the little family she left behind.

I went to LA for 10 days to attend my cousin's wedding (my mom would not go without me), and added a  little to my stash. It was a quick visit with 4 families and it was a whirlwind! Unfortunately I started a new cold again within an hour of boarding the plane so the next 6 days were spent with a cold.  This must have been my 5th cold of the year and as I write this, I'm getting over another one which started Tuesday.  Sigh.  Anyway, despite the cold we had a good time but not enough time ha ha.  I did get to visit a LNS with my cousin - Stitcher's Treasures.  Again, no photos because my camera died!  But I did get to take a photo of my new start:

from Lizzie Kate Christmas double flips.  The black line you see peeking at the right outer edge is stray serging from the edge -- my cousin had a serger and serged it!  Yay!  And when I actually started the border over at my cousin's house,  there was more than enough fabric for another banner-type piece, so I'm saving the rest of the fabric for that.  Haven't decided which LK it will be.  I worked on my La D Da "A Bushel and a Peck" too:

A  few bits of border left and 3 more flowers (I've been re-thinking the plan of choosing another color for the other flowers) and I'm done.

And then there's this Z for my nephew's nickname, which will be done as soon as I can get myself to do the backstitch.

Some of the other things I've been busy with (aside from work, and some horrible jetlag which took forever to shake):

doing my nails with some cute OPI glitter polish "All is Glam"..

the glitter doesn't show up here, but it's a silvery one with flecks of green and red.. from last year's OPI collection (from TJ Maxx, where else?)  I decided to be.. I don't know, a bit more girly?.. inspired by my nieces and my cousin's Essie gold flecked glitter (actually the glitter pieces in that polish - which I still haven't found online - were bigger than the ones in this OPI polish).

So between that, work, sleep, I haven't really accomplished much but I hope to, this long weekend.

Anyway..  I hope everyone's doing well or better!

I have the LK and some Harry Potter house crests for the niece and nephew lined up today.   Nice stitchy weekend, all. :-)

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