Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thought i'd share a little stitching

not by me, alas, but by the cousin who got me started stitching!

I took some photos last November when I was visiting her, and she had a Halloween display in her living room.

??????????  scroll, scroll, scroll..........

Okay, sorry about that, I must have used something else to take the pictures and haven't uploaded them yet so I'll just post these pics of the kits she gave me for my birthday.  I am really lucky to have my cousin and she's the closest to a sister I'll ever have since we grew up next door to each other (she has two other sisters but she was the one I was closest to).

Aren't they cute?  I'm not really one for birds but these are super Christmas-sy.  Maybe one day I'll do some bird watching while I'm there.  I do know I saw a hummingbird on one of my visits.

I took the pics against the sofa in her family room,  her blinds caused the shadow on the pics.

I've been having the worst time of it following the many, many blogs I used to follow - unless I open my dashboard or they moved to Bloglovin, where I can get alerts when they post.  What I usually do is open my dashboard, or open a post in Bloglovin, where someone's blog is usually linked to many others I follow and I go on from there.  Anyway, I discovered 2 blogs (lots of followers!) who keep me in stitches or are inspirational - Marly's samplersandsantas, Shirlee's Easily Influenced Stitcher, and Lee of Lake Stitcher.  Lee's latest post had me laughing as she debated the merits of Sherlock vs. Watson (the BBC series). I vote for Watson - as she said Sherlock may have the brainpower but he also has drama going on.. and who needs drama?

I badly needed the laughs and this weekend's days off as I worked for 12 days straight and pulled some midnighters, 10pms and 8pms and got into an argument with my mother and we are still tiptoeing around each other.  I got mad at her, and then it all got turned around and she was mad at me  - danged if it didn't feel the world had turned upside down and the whole thing was totally incomprehensible!

I spent most of today asleep and then watched tv.  I must exercise - missed that the past 12 days!

Anyway, hope your weekend is better than mine and you get lots of happy hours stitching! *

*Actually my weekend isn't bad - + for having the weekend, + for the sleep and rest, - for the spat.


  1. Can I share your cousin, what a great gift. Hope your next week is better for you.

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