Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday fun-day

If you love to browse around the blogs (as I do, and I waste a lot of valuable stitching time roaming round and being inspired  lol) , I have a new blog I'm "reading"- I say "reading" because it's all in Japanese characters, I just let my eyes admire the stitching: it's Nami's Stitch Note.  She has done a lot of the charts and samplers I'd like to do, including the Tsunami Sampler and the Blackbird Designs mystery sampler -- which I almost had in my hands, except the flood of mail in my inbox got in the way and I missed replying to the seller :(

I also (by way of Daffycat's blog) discovered this designer's site:

Check it out, she has some very nice designs and lovely samples!

I hope no one's upset yet at not seeing any of my handiwork which I've been promising to post: I have decided to finish that Burda wreath today by hook or by crook!  By hook probably as there's no crook willing to do the sewing for me, haha!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and although she wasn't home most of the day I spent it babysitting my niece Bean - what a kid!  She spent part of the time setting out my high heels (all the 3" up ones) and running around in them.. then she started making phone calls (I had to stop her when I noticed the  calls she was making were to cellphone numbers! And she made it easy to notice because she would read out the numbers lol..), then commandeered the tablet (all the while asking me to spell out the sites she wanted to visit), then finally this desktop..  later we had a family dinner and after that my mom's guests arrived - we didn't think they would anymore as the rains that afternoon flooded some streets!

It is Sunday here and overcast today, but inspite of that I'm going to have a great day and I wish the same for you -- Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Hi
    Just found your lovely blog.

    Your stitching is beautiful!

    Your niece sounds great!