Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Wow! I see I have gained 5 new friends... hi, and welcome!  I'm very glad to see you all.. it's so very encouraging to my stitching!  I know dear Lesli of "The Fabulous Frogger" was behind all this!  :)  I'm honored.. and I will just have to read what the Leibster is all about again!

Officially it's the first day of spring in some places (not here, where it's either just dry or wet season), so I'm posting some pictures of a walk in Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.  This was last year's visit to DB and his wife, in March, no less!  Talk about weather shock!  The temperature the whole time we were there never went above 14c!  And I thought it was spring!    lol

Here below are some daffodils (jonquils?) I know they come out in spring.  We went into a supermarket in Seattle and they were selling huge ones in bouquets!  Bright and cheerful!   These were small, like 2 inches wide I think, if that.

 Some crocuses (I think!):

A random area of the park

Some snowdrops:

Leaves (random leaves?)

More crocuses

Cabbages and hens  (or maybe I'm inventing a plant name!)  I just thought the whorls were cute.

A panoramic view of part of the park:

I don't know what these are...maybe they're clovers?  Or could they be some form of parsley?? Ha haha

Rose leaves, with not a bloom in sight!

Hm, these I honestly don't know what they are called ;)

I know you want to see my stitchy progress of at least my Burda flower wreath.. but alas, I haven't taken any photos!..  I'm a bit further along now and I will post a finish (YES!) this weekend, I promise!

Happy Day!

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