Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Aiyoh (ayayay, hay naku, and all that jazz)

thank you for all the kind comments even though i know i haven't been stitching near enough to show you the extravaganzas i wanted.. i really appreciate all the encouraging comments!

the weather's been way too hot for stitching, or indeed, doing much of anything.. i'm not a huge user of air conditioning (except at work, where it's a relief, and by default it's on) except where the weather has become unbearable.. it's getting close to that, at 36c!

and speaking of work, there's some unknowns and uncertainty going on with new management (A) in.. plus some health concerns (B) this weekend (B is probably a result of A), so with that in mind i'd like to request some good thoughts and prayers from my friends reading this..

anyway, something to make you smile (read on Peggy's blog "Never Enough Stash"):

Children Are Smarter Than We Give Them Credit For 
by Peggy H.
Last Sunday my son overheard two young boys outside the bishop's office.  (Minister, chaplain, etc.)  One of them said to the other, "If you call me 'stupid' and then say you are sorry he will give you a piece of candy."  ......Priceless....

Priceless indeed!


  1. good thoughts and prayers are being sent your way :D....hope your week goes a little smoother and stay cool!

  2. Hi Beauty - I hope that you feel better soon. You are probably right about the stress triggering health problems. Try stitching, it helps... ;-)
    On a serious note, take care and I am thinking of you!

  3. Thinking about you! Sending prayers your way!
    Hope things start looking up soon! :)