Wednesday, May 9, 2012

there and back again !

hello all! for some reasons i won't go further into (i mean no further than i already have in my last post, anyway!) i've been a bit down and not really in the mood to stitch.  plus last week i had some minor aches which remind me that i'm not 35 anymore LOL  honestly prior to 40 i felt rather invincible but now i'm starting to feel the opposite!  however this state of affairs can't continue to last, because it IS such a downer...  gloom and pessimism actually make me more ill!  so i've decided to take charge of a few things, the easiest of which at present time is my stitching and my walking habits!

so... as if the world is helping me along with my resolve, i actually received a huge bit of good news today.. my charts have arrived in the post office!  yippee! for 2 weeks i've been in suspense because  my cousin said she had mailed me my charts (it was nice of her, although because the post here doesn't have such a stellar reputation i wanted either to pick them up myself, or have her send them here together with the big box of supplies/things/goodies she usually sends her mom round halfway through the year).  well anyway.. she told me about it when she'd already mailed it so it was fait accompli - there was nothing i could do except wait for them to arrive. or not arrive.  and, hallelujah.. this afternoon my mom said i had a card from the post office!  which means.. there is a package to be picked up from there!  fingers crossed that there is no duty to pay.. i am sure i will have to open the box for them to see what's in it.

and in another bright spot.. rain!  it's finally cooler and it's much easier to sleep nights.  the a/c has been out of commission for some months now (i wrote about it in one of the posts way back when), and we have not had it repaired yet.  we could sleep in another bedroom with a/c but somehow we don't do it.. maybe we're too lazy or it's habit, but we don't.  funny though, cause we used to in the big house.  anyway, the guy who repairs our a/c and electric fans is back from Dubai so fingers crossed, he can take a look and see what's going on with it.  we tried it last week and it turns on but doesn't cool (not to mention it goes off in about 2 minutes, must be something we may have done with the timer!)

so, all in all, cool beans!  as for the walking part, i read in the NYTimes just today that 20 minutes of walking can mean a big difference to your fitness..and i am so un-fit right now!  i don't walk up on the deck anymore and i don't know how to operate our new tv.. i don't know how i can admit that  LOL

anyway, several people - you know who you are - were nice enough to send me their good wishes and hopes that this 'funk' wouldn't last.  thank you!  and bless you!  your comments always welcome...

watch this space, my needle will be back in action!   i was going to say 'smokin' but that's never happened, ever  LOL  i did some stitching this week, maybe i will post it (or maybe i'll be too ashamed to show how little i did LOL)

ok, enough of the LOLing.... have a great day!!!

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  1. I just finally got my bum back in gear and replied to emails and I see that your package is there!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you gone to the post office for it yet?

    Double and triple YAY for a/c and rain.

    Ermm... what do you mean by you can't operate your new tv? :) ;)