Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunday fun-day

If you love to browse around the blogs (as I do, and I waste a lot of valuable stitching time roaming round and being inspired  lol) , I have a new blog I'm "reading"- I say "reading" because it's all in Japanese characters, I just let my eyes admire the stitching: it's Nami's Stitch Note.  She has done a lot of the charts and samplers I'd like to do, including the Tsunami Sampler and the Blackbird Designs mystery sampler -- which I almost had in my hands, except the flood of mail in my inbox got in the way and I missed replying to the seller :(

I also (by way of Daffycat's blog) discovered this designer's site:

Check it out, she has some very nice designs and lovely samples!

I hope no one's upset yet at not seeing any of my handiwork which I've been promising to post: I have decided to finish that Burda wreath today by hook or by crook!  By hook probably as there's no crook willing to do the sewing for me, haha!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and although she wasn't home most of the day I spent it babysitting my niece Bean - what a kid!  She spent part of the time setting out my high heels (all the 3" up ones) and running around in them.. then she started making phone calls (I had to stop her when I noticed the  calls she was making were to cellphone numbers! And she made it easy to notice because she would read out the numbers lol..), then commandeered the tablet (all the while asking me to spell out the sites she wanted to visit), then finally this desktop..  later we had a family dinner and after that my mom's guests arrived - we didn't think they would anymore as the rains that afternoon flooded some streets!

It is Sunday here and overcast today, but inspite of that I'm going to have a great day and I wish the same for you -- Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Walk in the Park

Wow! I see I have gained 5 new friends... hi, and welcome!  I'm very glad to see you all.. it's so very encouraging to my stitching!  I know dear Lesli of "The Fabulous Frogger" was behind all this!  :)  I'm honored.. and I will just have to read what the Leibster is all about again!

Officially it's the first day of spring in some places (not here, where it's either just dry or wet season), so I'm posting some pictures of a walk in Elizabeth Park in Vancouver.  This was last year's visit to DB and his wife, in March, no less!  Talk about weather shock!  The temperature the whole time we were there never went above 14c!  And I thought it was spring!    lol

Here below are some daffodils (jonquils?) I know they come out in spring.  We went into a supermarket in Seattle and they were selling huge ones in bouquets!  Bright and cheerful!   These were small, like 2 inches wide I think, if that.

 Some crocuses (I think!):

A random area of the park

Some snowdrops:

Leaves (random leaves?)

More crocuses

Cabbages and hens  (or maybe I'm inventing a plant name!)  I just thought the whorls were cute.

A panoramic view of part of the park:

I don't know what these are...maybe they're clovers?  Or could they be some form of parsley?? Ha haha

Rose leaves, with not a bloom in sight!

Hm, these I honestly don't know what they are called ;)

I know you want to see my stitchy progress of at least my Burda flower wreath.. but alas, I haven't taken any photos!..  I'm a bit further along now and I will post a finish (YES!) this weekend, I promise!

Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Pick yourself up.... start all over again!"

There I was yesterday, picking up my needle and determined to stitch at least 30 stitches per project.... and like Jo from Little Women - or was it Amy - discovering what I thought was, was not!  Remember when one of the sisters decided to prepare a meal for Laurie Laurence.. and what happened to dessert?  Laurie manfully ate the concoction.. but the girls were wondering at his facial expressions before they tasted the dessert themselves.. turns out they put salt instead of sugar, and the cream was sour!

Well, that's kind of like how I felt after stitching a whole motif and discovering that the blue I picked up to continue the flowers of my little Burda wreath was the wrong shade of blue!! That's what you get when you stitch in the wrong light!  Anyway, never daunted, I chased the frog away and have continued. Nothing else to do but pick yourself up!  Dust yourself off!  Start all over again...  :)

Anyway, here is a photo of my dearest nephew and niece.. missing them very much!

Have a lovely day! May you all be blessed!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stitchy progress!

Hi, just checking in! I've been wanting to post for the last 3 days but have been foiled by the pc not recognizing the camera USB... bummer!  But thank God (really!) that it's fixed and I can now post what I've been stitching!

So here it is, a UFO from years and years ago in all its unwashed, not pristine glory:

and now:

Despite being the proud owner of a DMC floss card with actual samples, I still could not match up the floss I used back then!  Honestly!  It's enough to make you tear your hair out! I also found out that the conversions I used back then were a bit off -- I was doing it by picture only! Back then I don't think I could have found the Anchor to DMC equivalents online (or maybe I didn't think to search online --google them).. so I was a bit off!  But anyway, I love the pattern, so cheerful! It is from the Buurda International "Prettiest Flower Motifs in Cross Stitch" 1993 vol.1.  I'll finish this soon, I promise, and have it framed!  I suppose I will have to stitch the other three just so there is a companion piece or two!

And made a start on the Peaches chart by Maria Winkler:

and here's what it's supposed to look like some day soon!

I've stitched the rounded curve of the peach in the middle center; I can just see it! Well, it's coming along, though not as fast as I want it!

This is the companion piece to the Plums one that hangs in our breakfast nook.  I wonder if I should have washed the Aida first so the fold lines would've disappeared.. I can still do it I suppose.. I forgot to ask!  I know that a lot of the 123 ladies like rolling their pieces to store and don't fold them!  Here I am unique once again..  lol

I have yet to cut the fabric for the Shepherd's Bush chart (chicken...!) and aside from this Peach-y chart my mom wants me to stitch the Quaker heart freebie from The Workbasket!  It would be a really quick stitch I think!  I also want to start the EMS 2012 Sampler - one step at a time, I guess!  Cut all fabric first!

I'll end with a photo of one of my nieces - a cousin's daughter - she's been a frequent visitor these days and is such a ham!  She even had me digging out my old needlepoint so I could teach her to "sew"!  It was a bit difficult as she couldn't get the hang of what she was supposed to do - stab the needle in, and from the same side, stab out.. she kept going straight to the other side, not sewing through the cloth! lol  She's all of 5 years old.. and makes me think of how much I miss my nephew and niece!

Well, that's all for the moment.. hope to post again in 2 days' time or less, and with a finish or two!  And then it's back to Whimsey and Wit Alphabet Advent!