Friday, December 2, 2011

woo hoo, i'm on a roll! look at that!  the beginnings of the little doll!

and i will be very happy if i can keep it going!  i will finish her tonight.  look for my next post announcing it!

didn't spend the day stitching - i went looking for some presents! some Bragg's amino acids - seems it's a soy sauce substitute of some kind - organic, etc.  we love our soy sauce!  but i can't imagine how it can be better than shoyu or tamari - they're non GMO too and prepared in Japan..saw some other interesting things at the health store Healthy Options.. Bob's Red Mill flours of all kinds, flax seed, organic honey, shampoo, Bronner's castile soap peppermint - might go back for that - just nice wandering around..   and after all that, bought my nephew's present:

honestly, their toys are soooo much more expensive than ours were, when we were kids. wii?  DS?  PSP?  man oh man.  we had the old Nintendo system and i saw it when we were moving but i don't think it was complete and anyway, with everything that was going on during the move i'm sure it's now gone completely...  anyway, my nephew writes blogs and is so creative!  he makes plots for Doctor Who episodes.. i mean, you really need an active imagination to write things like those! (takes after my brother, his dad)  it's nice that he writes, but i'm afraid that between that and the playing, he might choose not to socialize, and it's important at that age to make a little bit of effort, so that school is okay.   i made him promise to go out to run, or for a nature walk every afternoon (i hope he makes friends there).  i digress,  i bought that, then had to go to mass -- a journey normally 10 mins took me 35 minutes! i guess maybe the Christmas rush has started.  in the end i had to attend the 7pm mass (First Friday).

anyway, gotta get back to the stitching if i'm to have something to show tomorrow.. til then... happy stitching!

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