Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've finished bell!  and I did some stitching on the angel, whose shade of blue I can't figure out. Comparing it with my DMC floss card, it looks like it could be 3752.. I don't know, cause the floss I picked didn't have its number! haha ha... I don't unpick my floss and wind them on those thingies, that's why.. and I guess that's not a good move.

Next to do, either the angel (1) or the musical note (12 - if I don't get frustrated with working with metallics.. the whole note is metallic!).  Why not 3?  It's the candy cane and it needs B5200 (or whatever white shade that is).  Why not 11?  It's the sheep, and ditto, it's mostly ecru! Not to mention I think I'll have to order Rainbow Gallery's Wisper 88 and 89 -  and good luck with that over here... I'm 99% sure, no make that 100% sure that no one sells that in this part of the world..  Wisper 88 for Santa's beard, and 89 for the sheep's wool.   I'm saving all the white stitching for last.

You never know, it could be the doll (4) or the Holy Family (13)!

ps. the little distortion is the fabric, there's a fold in that area!

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