Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Hope I am starting the Chinese New Year right!  I am going to mass, and then going to order dinner (our cook doesn't do Chinese), and then I will be back to my stitches.

So here's what I've accomplished this IHSW so far:

Doll is almost done! Just backstitch a line for her mouth (the pattern doesn't say what color!) and attach a few beads to the front of her dress (like I know how to do that!)   :-))

I've also started Day 5, which is the Evergreen.  Another Christmas tree, holy cow!  To think I was thinking of sewing a Christmas tree small (red, on white) by Sue Hillis, from the JCS Christmas 2008 issue!  Maybe I still will, it's words and not plain green stitches anyway.  Well, I will do a small in between just to keep things interesting.

Here's the evergreen:

not much to show yet but at least it's a start!  And my weekend is LONG, because of Chinese New Year! Woo hoo!  Hoping and praying for a good year for all of us! My mom, my brother and his wife, my (late) brother's family, everyone dearly loved!


  1. Hey you!! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

    I couldn't reply to your lunch comment directly as your email addy isn't linked in blogger... Yes... salted fish... YUMM!!!! And kailan, one of my fave veggies. :D

    Stitching's looking great. What was CNY dinner? Do tell, do tell. :D

  2. gorgeous stitching :D and happy new year!

  3. Hi

    Your stitching is lovely.

    Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year! The doll looks cute!