Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jade Vine blooms

Just thought you might like to see what jade vine blooms look like.. despite living in the tropics, I only ever saw one blooming, live,   yesterday.

Instead of stitching (it's the IHSW weekend, you know!)  I went out right after Saturday half day work, to a place 2 1/2 hours away, for a delicious, mostly vegetarian lunch.  The setting was a beautiful, fragrant garden... such balm to the soul!   We had wheat sesame bread, salad (romaine, butter lettuce, and assorted other edible leaves and blooms I couldn't identify off-hand), and pasta, with a choice of cashew cream dressing, olive tapenade,  basil pesto, mango, pineapples, sunflower seeds, some kind of shelled "pop bean like" bean, cream sauce with chicken, basil tomato sauce, grilled salmon pieces, etc etc... with dalandan (a type of citrus orange) juice, and to finish, banana fritters, and a thin wedge of dark chocolate cake.  Yum! I'll try and find some pics from among my friends to show. I was too hungry to whip out the camera and take pics.  It was the birthday treat of the beautiful, kind, gracious lady who is my boss.  May she continue to be blessed (and may the rest of us be blessed along with her!)

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