Wednesday, January 18, 2012

woohoo.. all signed up! and late!

Ha! I'm all signed up for International Hermit and Stitch and I'm not even sure whether it's this weekend or last.. okay, just checked, and it was for LAST weekend!  Sigh.  So much for keeping myself on the "straight and narrow" stitch-wise.. now I'm just plain late!  Is there any way I can un-sign up?

I want to have some finishes - notice the ambitious line-up on my sidebar?  I can barely finish a square a month from my Whimsey and Wit project.. I'm ambitious, what can I say? Some stitchy friends have been so nice as to put up some gift-aways and PIFs, and I have to get cracking!  Not to mention which I committed to having my own give-away for Christmas sewing!  And have I mentioned that everything to me, which is bigger than 6 x 6, seems like a BAP?  :)   In 5 minutes, I am getting off here to do some sewing...

Anyway.. I am putting some finishing touches on the Christmas ornaments that I forgot to give my dearest nephew and niece.  They're ready now.. for next Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. No dear, it's THIS weekend. ;)

    Are you signed up? Let me go look.... yes you are.... lucky #100. :D Don't forget to stitch this weekend.... LOL!!!