Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apropos of nothing - or, Almost Friday!

TG it's almost F.  Fridays couldn't come soon enough before, but now it doesn't really mean much since I work on Saturdays too.  Thank God for the work..  truly.  But I can't help but be reminded of how life was so much better without Saturday work!

Reading someone else's blog this morning reminded me of something my mom said - that "2 days of rest" is not guaranteed by law, but became common through the efforts of unions.  Yes, unions.  A lot of work conditions now taken for granted came about through the efforts of people banded together in unions. There's been a lot of flak about them lately, and bad press off and on throughout the years, but they were organized many years ago for good reasons..  Laws about better working conditions, rest, laws against child labor...  It's not Labor Day, but here's to unions!

It's a totally weird post, I know.  I'm having mixed feelings about goings-on at work.  Mostly sad.  And often tired.  On the up side, really eager to stitch - but I've got a bad habit of stitching in the mornings (better lighting).   I was going to post some progress, but I can't find my camera...

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  1. lol....i hope you get to do some stitching soon...its the only time i get to relax lately too.....and i feel the same way about unions!