Saturday, September 10, 2011

In a Knot!

Hello, haven't posted anything in a while .. still caught up with work :(

On the up side, I've finished a square of the Advent calendar (Whimsey and Whit ) or I *would have* if I knew how to do a French knot!

The Infant Jesus square would be done, if I could do the French knots for his eyes..  

I am looking through some teaching blogs and Youtube, for how to do it.. now to get my nerve up to actually do it...

I have also started on the next square, Kris Kringle!  I didn't have the DMC equivalent of the Weeks Dye embroidery floss, so I am making do with DMC 3350 which I think makes Santa's clothes look a bit either worn (I think that's good!) or too pink (bad!).  So I'm almost done with his hat.  Speaking of which, I do wish there was a supplier of WD floss in this part of the world..

Post with pictures in a bit.

I'm also starting to "kit up" (what a lovely word!) the train which my nephew wants as his Christmas ornament.  It is actually pretty simple and I'm glad I rummaged in the other room because I found a whole booklet of Christmas ornaments (circa 1990s of course)!  I really regret not looking at Needlecraft stores while in Canada and the US this year, but maybe there's still time to do a quick trip there and back .. also because I haven't been able to find the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments 2011 magazine here..

I've been busy resisting the "Sale" and "Clearance" corners of various online needlecraft stores.  It might be less expensive to order from them than to fly over and buy the goodies.. but I don't much trust the post office here!

.. saying a prayer for the U.S. on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11.. what a horrific day.. I remember I was watching the evening news when the first plane hit the tower, and I remember rushing to tell my family about it.. going back to the coverage and then, unbelieving, seeing a SECOND plane heading for the towers..  that was unreal.   I knew then that it was no coincidence.  There was coverage of the people on the towers.. horrific.  I felt for them, and for their families.. some of whom probably didn't even know the events unfolding..  I prayed for them then, and I pray for them now, on this day of remembrance.

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  1. Hey beauty - how great that your nephew wants a cross-stitch Christmas ornament!

    If you haven't already figured out and stitched up your French knots, I can definitely recommend switching out the knots for beads. It works great; quick, simple and easy! :-)