Monday, September 19, 2011


It took me longer than I thought to get to actually post these pics, so I am further along with Kris Kringle than I was at the previous post (although Baby Jesus still does not have french knot - or bead!-  eyes:

I apologize for the delay in posting - planned to post last night -  but we've had some domestic ruckus involving getting my mom and my aunt off to their retreat in the mountains.. the best laid plans. sigh.  I will really have to take an interest in the automotive arts.. bigger sigh...

Anyway, in other news, I started making my ornaments and since they are super easy they stitch up in next to no time!  The little trains just need outline stitch and the other one needs its wheels, too!

A Christmas tree has been started (lower left - I could not sleep last night so I began but realized I really had to try to sleep as it was 4am!) and an angel is next on the list.  Then, whatever catches my fancy in terms of ornaments!  Though really I should just stick to my list so that I feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

That's all, folks.. I'm really looking forward to stitching and posting my progress - I can better appreciate how it's going!


  1. have been busy, darling pieces you have!

  2. Oh, I love the afghan - great job! Is it hard to stitch on the material?