Saturday, September 24, 2011

finally a few pics!

TGIS - thank God it's Sunday!  The only full day of rest.  I tell you I was so tired yesterday after an 8am meeting at another office, and I *still* went back to my office til 3pm, that I didn't have the energy to walk around the mall for even an hour, and when I got home I promptly fell asleep til 7.30 in the evening!  The things we are planning for at work, just thinking about it makes me feel like panicking!  Anyway, it's Sunday, so get a grip girl and learn to compartmentalize (talks to self)..

For that 8am meeting, my co-worker picked me up at church -- I went to Saturday morning mass for the sake of my immortal soul :)   This is what church looks like:

It's not such a good shot because of all things, I chose a day when they were having booths in front of it (for vocations)

And this is what it looks like inside:

A side corridor, where the niches are (I thought of visiting my dad but in my anxiety about whether I'd given my co-worker the right directions for the church, I forgot!  But never mind, I visit every Sunday, so no worries.)

So why am I showing these - well, my cousin was thinking of buying a niche so she may as well see what they look like (they are to the right):

There's a little garden between the church and the niches (really little, compared to the gardens I've seen abroad, but a big deal here where  land is so expensive)

Oh well, hope no one is upset by the photos.

On to stitchy things.  I've basically dropped all my other works in progress like The Tuscan Welcome - oh, who am I kidding, I only have that in progress, ha ha!  Although the Dimensions Angels are ready to launch - they're in a kit, after all -  and Maria Winkler's Peaches have all the needed thread, only no fabric!  It needs a white fabric to match the Plums piece.  Aida, if I'm to really match them.

Whimsey and Wit's Advent Calendar is coming along.. at this rate I'll be done in time for Christmas (next year! haha ha)  Still no eyes for the infant (fear of French knots has taken over, I tried 4x and was unable to make a single one - my high school home ec teacher, where are you?), so maybe I'll take up Jenny's wise suggestion and place beads instead (I only have pale blue Mill Hill though).   Kris Kringle's left hand is missing as is the staff he's supposed to be holding.  Oh, and his beard of course.  But that's white, and uses Glissen floss (where do you buy Glissen floss over here?). Anyway, it's white, or ecru, and if I'm using DMC then I'll hold off from stitching it til I'm nearly done with everything.

Day 11 is a sheep, and Day 12 a music note.  I'm not too keen on stitching white first, so I'm not doing the sheep yet.  So next up will be Day 12, which is in navy.  Or I might go to the Angel on Day 1 and frog, since I discovered my count is wrong besides which, I was supposed to stitch her with floss and metallic together.

It's a lot of solid stitching so it's taking a bit of time as I get bored with a lot of color.  It's a toss up - too many color changes and I get tired, too much of the same color and I get bored!  I was looking at the Weeks Dye floss the piece was supposed to be sewn in, and I noticed there's a lot of variation in one thread color alone.. maybe that would have made things more interesting.

And here are the ornaments:

Sorry about the picture quality -- seems kind of dark.  I'll take clearer ones later.  Hmm... looking over the church photos I notice a definite tilt to the left - must correct that.  Back to the ornaments.. the boys' trains need their back stitch on the wheels; the Christmas tree needs its candles, star and ornaments and its trunk.

The only thing is I have several errands to run today - mass, FedEx or DHL, plus we need some grocery items - peanut butter (my brown bag sandwich of choice), plus, since I want to cook, shrimp, Cajun seasoning, and chicken.   Hope to be able to update this tonight.

Ah well, there's my Sunday.. how will yours go?  Thanks for reading..  Happy Sunday!

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  1. Wow BB, your weeks look like they are packed! I am hoping that next week will be a bit better - in all the craziness, i am really impressed that you even have time to stitch.
    The church photos are really nice. I like to look at different architectural styles and solutions, so I really enjoyed looking at the garden and the inside of the church - very cool!
    Love the afghan - it looks great. The ornies are so cute! You are almost done - I am cheering on from the side-lines over here!