Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 'ber months!

Yippee!  It's the 'ber' months, and way over here in our part of the world, it only means one thing... Christmas is coming!  Yep, we do reckon the countdown starts on September 1, so we are (as of the day  I posted) 3 days into the run up to Christmas!  Notice the "little" countdown clock much?  :)

Inspite of all the things that have been happening workwise and all the anxiety it's engendered, the thought of Christmas is always uplifting.  And since it's on its way, work on the Christmas WIPs have to be ramped up!  I wonder how far I'll get this weekend?  I saw a preview of the 2011 JCS Ornaments issue over at Ms. Anita's page and the ornaments look wonderful!  I'll be checking out the magazine stands for this one..  I made a promise to myself to make an ornament each (this year, gotta remind myself!) for my beloved nephew and niece.

Thanks for dropping by!  Have a good weekend, y'all!


  1. Yippie! Cooler months ahead.

    Glad you stoped by to visit my blog and YES if we have success in the penpaling I hope to have even more next time.

  2. I do love the fall months, the cool days but the warm sun and a nice breeze.

    Up until August I did get one ornament a month done, but under the cirucmstances that's okay. I look forward to getting my JCS issue when they hit the Canadian newstands.

    Thank you for your prayers

  3. Thank for the link to the JCS ornie pics - I am really happy that I ordered my issue now! Not that I'll get around to actually stitching any of them, but they are always so much fun to flip through!
    Take care and talk with you in a bit!