Sunday, October 30, 2011

At last! a few pics

Good morning!  Long weekend mode a bit (Caleb Carr's "The Italian Secretary" - should have paid attention to the reviews!  His previous books were way better), cooked a bit (a seafood tomato cream sauce), went to mass,  prayed very hard last night and somehow got heard, so now I can post a few overdue pics!

Here is the original Whimsey and Wit chart, complete with my nephew's drawings on the sides.. it was No. 207 of the print run, I guess (see lower left).  I think at some point it got wet, so Baby Jesus (Day 9) has a little splotch on him... the chart has a cute stamped mark that says "Sisters in Stitching" at the bottom.  I wonder what happened to Lori? I picked her name up from page 2 where it says you can email if you have any questions about the finishing..  I have a little problem with my fabric because of the grids.. I don't have enough fabric left to fold over for a dowel on top!

And here's the other chart I was looking for.. found!

And that's all folks!  I took a picture of my little ornament and of my recent sewing but the USB connection's acting up again.. it doesn't recognize my camera!

Ah well, will try again later. I'm planning to bake Cinnamon Rolls and Double Chocolate Chip cookies.   Happy stitching, all!

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  1. Good job on finding your patterns :D....they look like fun.....sounds like you are having a wonderful 'break'....enjoy the rest of it and yummmmm on the baking!