Saturday, October 15, 2011

good week overall.. with an anticlimax!

My stitchy friends are increasing..hi C, J, C, and H! And yay, my mom found my original chart:  Whimsey and Wit Advent Alphabet!  sadly the plastic bag is gone, and that's where the free magnet button thingy was.  She also found my True Colors: Madonnas of the Old Masters chart!  I took out my WIP, tried doing a few stitches and promptly got a headache-- what was I thinking? one stitch over one thread, at 22ct?  I must have been mad!  But then of course, it *was* 8 (or was it 16?) years ago...

Hurray for my brother -- Dear brother sent me a 16-pc cookware set!  Pretty cool of him since it arrived here the week after his birthday, and, you guessed it! We didn't send him anything special! We miss him (and his wife) every day but there you go, things happen.. or rather, they don't!  But we are very good about remembering to greet!  As for the cookware set, it saves me from bugging him every time there is a sale on at Canadian Tire... but please, DB... could you get me the Lagostina stuff that sometimes goes on sale at $9.99?  Please??

He also got us something music-y which I am sure we will enjoy for years to come, but right now I am trying to figure out how it attaches to all its gear!

I also got some beautifying done skin-wise, so I feel better - what I  mean is, it stings, but I feel better knowing I look better... now I just have to work on my hair (grumble grumble, I already fixed it before, so why do I have to do it again)- I may or I may not this weekend, depends if I can bear the thought of sitting in the salon for at least 4 hours :(  

Now for the bad part.. now that my charts have surfaced and I have this sort-of weekend for stitching,  when I have something stitched to show,  my computer refuses to cooperate!  It doesn't recognize the USB cord to my camera! Waaah... any techies out there who might know what is wrong? It's on Windows 7 and "ask me" is enabled on Autoplay.. but Autoplay doesn't play at all!  Could this have happened because I pulled out my USB when the computer was shutting down?  Now what to do?   I plugged my USB in and it recognized it, and gave the option to eject.. so I followed.. and when I tried it just now with the camera USB, nothing..

Is Mercury, what do you call it, out of phase?  Good luck to me, hope my camera works tomorrow!

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  1. Oh dear.... so sorry to hear your puter is not cooperating. Did you get it fixed? :(