Saturday, October 22, 2011

a little finish

Celebrate!  Dance of Joy!  I finished a little freebie from Prairie Schooler "Deck the Halls", another Christmas tree!  This is another one for my niece, so she has a choice of Christmas trees.  The little girl always surprises me.  I thought she'd want an angel ornament, but no, she wants a Christmas tree! I'm a little freaked out that Christmas is less than two months away... Anyway I stitched the July freebie from PS, and here's how it's supposed to look (from the site): 


Now, if my USB connection was working I could show you my take on it! A little "original and my version" comparison as it were..  I used a lighter colored floss for the candle "flame" and the color  practically blended in with my fabric, an Aida 16ct.  DMC 676 instead of 677.. I should look at what I pick up more carefully!  I've done that with other things, too, not just floss!  Even a tin of ice cream!  You can imagine how dismayed I was when I got home lol..  Cookies n Cream instead of Coffee Crumble!

I'm now doing the Guardian Angel, another freebie, from Cosmic Handmade, and it's a cute 'contemporary' angel.  This one's for my sister-in-law.  I also saw other cute angels (in a more traditional design) from Told in a Garden.  As you can guess, my own projects are not getting much love right now, because I'm so fascinated with all the freebies!  But as soon as I'm done with the Guardian Angel, I'm doing the Angel from Day 1 of my Whimsey and Wit Advent Alphabet!  That's 'cause I finally have some silver thread for the angel - DMC, not Kreinik.  My gold thread, ah blending filament, is Kreinik, from many years ago.  I bought a whole bunch of different colored ones from that little (and little-known, alas) store in Mile Long because I really wanted to do a set of Russian angels that were in an issue of Cross Stitch and Country Crafts.  Some things never change, lol.  I will be looking through my magazines for that issue - I think that was in the early 90s, before 1993.  I'll post a pic soon, maybe use another camera..


  1. darling finish.....and you sooooo sound like me, hehehe....have fun with all your freebies..i know i am!

  2. Oh, I love PS! They design the cutest little ornies! Congrats on a great finish!