Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The pics i (still) didn't get to post

This was the storm that was:

A friend didn't get to work because of the typhoon (massive flooding on the streets to his office), and took refuge at this vantage point.  He had a good view of the waters of the bay - the storm surge caused all this cascading water.

The chart from which I sewed those simple ornaments (hoping it'll behave and not turn over..):

Drat!  It's not behaving.  It appears right side up in Windows' preview pane but flips when I put it in here.  I'm too tired to fix it right now...

Oh, and here's what I'm supposed to be working on (keeping fingers crossed that it'll appear the right way)..

OK.. it's not working.  I think it's time to go to sleep!


  1. Argh - I can relate to the frustration with the pics! The typhoon photo is really scary!

  2. Hello! :D Looking forward to your company for this month's IHSW!

    The typhoon pic is scary. I'm glad your friend is ok.

  3. The typhoon pic is just amazing and super scary!!! I look forward to stitching with you this weekend for the IHSW, the sign up is how I found your blog and I look forward to visiting you often!