Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three Day Weekend !!!

Happy happy day - Saturday work but Sunday-Monday and Tuesday off. Yippee!  This is a tradition inherited from the Mexicans I think - celebration of All Saints and All Souls' Day.  Officially it's All-Souls' we're supposed to be celebrating and I don't know when we started with All Saints.  Maybe because the thinking is, the beloved dead are in the company of the Saints (or are saints themselves).  Whichever it is it's a day of remembrance for our beloved departed. Remembrance of them always makes me teary eyed - two brothers, my dad - all so young when they passed! Cousins and aunts and uncles, and of course grandparents (unfortunately gone on both sides though they lived to good ages, to their 80s).

Today was just lazing around and channel surfing and got caught up on 3 episodes of Modern Family - always good for a laugh/some light relief however previous season seems funnier somehow.  Could not quite decide whether to watch something scary like Sleepy Hollow (by the reviews not as scary as the other offerings like Ring and Ring 2, maybe on the level of 'the Walking Dead' which looked like an 80s movie to me).   Decided that what I really want to watch is the Looney Tunes Halloween Specials with Daffy Duck and Sylvester and Porky Pig - no I'm sure it's NOT Porky Pig -  and Tweety.. loved the one where they ended up in Duckula's Castle... not sure if it's actually the episode , will look it up in Amazon in a bit!

Finally got started on the angel - stitching with DMC (a pale blue) and DMC Special Effects silver metallic thread.  It looks pretty; the threads together give off an "icy" effect  but man is it hard to stitch with!  Same problem as the Kreinik gold, the metallic ribbon and the nylon thread separate at some point!  Thought my floss length was reasonably short but I've gone to 8" and still having problems.  Ho hum.  But the nice thing is, got started again on the Whimsey and Wit so that's a good thing!

Will give my camera one last try tomorrow with it USB cord and if that doesn't work, will use another one.. but by hook or by crook am posting pics tomorrow!

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