Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Oh my!  I put the pressure on; did my stitching, and had to unpick......  ow!  It was the arch on the Tuscan greeting, I didn't count so carefully and found when I reached the other end of the arch, that it wouldn't meet!  Ouch.  To make it worse, when I counted back, I found that I made the mistake not a few stitches back, not somewhere in the middle, but waaaay back.  With arches it's an either-or, no fudging.  The thing either meets at the bottom, or it doesn't.  Ah well, such is life.  You unpick, and you go on.  :)

On the stash - I don't have all that many, I think.  The more I read other blogs, the more I find I'm just like the rest.. the stash first, and I'll find the time to stitch later!  I haven't had a good sortie for stash in years.  The stash I have now (with the exception of the Philippine DMC patterns), I either bought or was gifted (by my favorite elder cousin Avey) years ago (like 15 years ago?).   I realize now that I should have looked around in Vancouver and Seattle a few months back.  I did find some in Singapore last June since I happened to be wandering round Takashimaya on Orchard with my nephew.  The fourth or was it fifth floor had crafts - painting, drawing, some sewing stuff.  Not exactly craft/cross stitch/embroidery country though.  The nearest to a Michaels store in Singapore is Spotlight, which is in Plaza Singapura at the mouth of Orchard Road.  It's got a lot of crafting things, but sadly does not compare to Michaels.

The lovely Advent calendar is still missing in action.  It's a Whimsey & Wit pattern and sadly I don't think it is available anymore, unless you want to try that store in La Jolla or search in Ebay.   I'll ask the store's name from my cousin and let you know.

Now as for ziplining.. I think I'll go for a longer course and tell everyone how it goes.  But let me tell you I think my heart stopped around 20 meters in when I was hanging over the first stretch of forest!  

Thanks for the warm greetings; I don't think I'll ever get over how welcoming everyone is.  :)

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