Saturday, August 27, 2011

ooof.... (the sound of someone receiving a punch)

What a week.  It's been difficult.  The only bright spot being the comments from Jenny and Ms. Maria.  Thank you for your comments!

I will count the threads per inch on the linen, as you recommended.. so that's why it was on sale lol..   it *is* a pretty color, as you said!

More news. 15 hour workdays because of the planned redundancies.. haven't had much sleep since Monday.  Shocking news of my boss leaving Tuesday.    Colleagues who were in shock over events, then had to submerge their feelings to get on with the difficult task of helping to prepare the papers for those leaving; then on orders, serving the papers (or trying to).  Been lightheaded all week!

Will post an update on my stitching and an old finished project just to keep my hand in. As you can imagine, because of the events this week, not much stitching got done!  I can only hope things will be better next week!

Comments welcome, all the time.

Posting my finished project (the one which got me stitching again).  Ta daaaa!  A Christmas ornament!

Isn't it sweet?

Also found an unfinished project:  

This is a True Colors "Renaissance Madonna" from the "Madonnas of the Old Masters" booklet..  one of the booklets/charts I can't find, that is!   Grrrr...  I haven't finished their faces yet.  All the flesh tones were kind of difficult.  This is stitched one thread over one square (did I get the terms right?)

Lately I've been looking a lot at these...

Hmm.. there's a theme developing, based on my projects.  But I've also done florals and landscapes.  I'll post more as I find my projects (lol)

A safe weekend to all!

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  1. That is terrible, Beauty! I am crossing my fingers that next week will be so much better for you!