Sunday, August 7, 2011

My First Finished Work for the Year

I just got back to stitching after a long time- in fact I can't remember exactly the last time I stitched.  I'm pretty sure not for at least 6 years, and even then, sort of on a lackadaisical basis.  Last year, however, we moved house and along with the move, I saw all the magazines, patterns, and kits I'd hoarded over the years - surprise!  Then last March, on a visit to my brother in Canada, we stopped by a Michael's and I bought a little kit that was on sale for $2 - could not resist!  My mom and my brother expressed their doubts as to whether I'd ever do it.

Less than a month ago, I started sewing.. not that kit from Canada, but a little ornament kit from who-knows-when -- a little creche, just the infant Jesus in a crib of straw.  There's some metallic thread to his halo and the rays radiating from his halo.  Viola!  I finished it (woo hoo!)  And now I'm back in the groove.  My stash is kind of old now (heck, from the early 90s) but they are kits and patterns that I really love - among them the Dimensions pattern of Mary Engelbreit's "Believe" Santa.  I panicked at the thought of losing them (did I mention that once we moved, I could not find them?) but anyway, thanks to my mom's help, I found most of them - except for my hardbound books, which I think may be permanently gone.

One pattern that we haven't found yet (and I really want to do for Christmas) is Whimsey and Wit's Christmas Alphabet Advent calendar.  My best cousin Avey bought it for me on a trip to a cross stitch store in La Jolla - the pattern, the linen,the thread, some charms - back in 2005, I think.  She bought 2 sets, one for her and one for me.  Wasn't that sweet of her?  I had only got round to a few stitches - not very far yet at the time of our move.  I'm still looking for it, though I have found the photocopy I did so I could mark off what I'd finished.  I hope I find the whole kit soon....

Anyway.. one down (finished).  And I have a whole list to go:
1.  Bowl of Nectarines, to match the Bowl of Plums that's been framed and is in our dining room.  That's the pic above - as you can see I'm not an expert stitcher  and have yet to graduate to linen - despite an unfinished 22 ct Mother and Child from the pattern in "Madonnas of the Old Masters".
2.  A Dimensions pattern - Christmas angel ornaments - a set of 6
3.  Another Dimensions pattern - a Tuscan Welcome (the one I bought from Michael's, Vancouver)
4.  A DMC pattern - Baldemor's "Pahiyas Festival" - it's a huge painting and it will be more manageable on fabric of a higher count - so, no Aida!  A portion of the pattern's cost goes to Unicef.

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  1. Wonderful that you have some old goodies in your stash! The bowl of plums is gorgeous! I can't wait to see how your nectarines will turn out.
    Happy Stitching!