Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In Trouble.. (in a good way!)

I have so many projects I'd like to start, and I can't decide which!

Since Christmas will be here sooner than we can blink (it's 3 or so months away), I'd like to get started on the Whimsey and Wit Christmas calendar.. if I could just find it!

Then there's the "Believe" Santa from Mary Engelbreit's chart, and the little ornaments that go along with it.

There's the renaissance Mother and Child in 22ct that's not finished (missing True Colors pattern "Madonnas of the Old Masters").

The Dimensions Angel ornaments - six of them!

I'm in awe of how most of the other stitchers I'm following do their own finishing of their work - I wouldn't know how!  I know that there are cross stitch stores abroad that can do that for you..  but there aren't any here!

Anyway, so much for my quandary.. it's a good sort of trouble to be in!  Happy to be stitching.. :)   will post pics so I can track my progress.

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  1. Hi Beauty! Am I your first follower? Wohooo!
    You left a comment for me asking about the TUSAL and ORT.

    The TUSAL is the abbreviation for Totally Useless Stith-A-Long and is a one year event hosted by Daffycat. You can find her blog here (the web-address should get you directly to her TUSAL page).

    The definition of an ort is (as you may already know) a morsel or small scrap often a leftover after a meal. For stitchers, an ort is the small pieces of thread that is left over from your stitching projects. Some clever stitcher came up with an abbreviation too, so now ORT stands for Old Raggedy Threads...

    As you can see, nothing real useful but all made up in good fun!
    Hope to see you on my blog in the future again!