Monday, August 29, 2011

Some progress and some rest (not much of either!)

Thank you kindly, Jenny, for the sympathy!  It's the tiredness factor..  today's a holiday and so is tomorrow, but I had to go to work.  Things have improved a bit, we are pulling 12 hour shifts instead of 15.  I definitely sympathize with those about to be separated from the company... words are difficult...but on the up side, work has been found for them, permanent work, only not at the rate they're used to.  What to do.

Had to attend a breakfast meeting at 7am on a day when everyone else was sleeping in..  all was quiet in my neighborhood! Got home at 3 and have only just woken up.

Anyway, here's my progress on Whimsey and Wit, the baby Jesus square:

Earlier yesterday:

Later that night...The little oval is where his face is going to go.. I'm going to finish this and the rest of his swaddling clothes tonight!

I have a confession to make.. this square is not the same one that I posted a week ago!  I stitched in the wrong square and had to unpick..  I couldn't bring myself to mention it or even touch it for a few days.  I have left the Tuscan Welcome for the time being.

Apart from the progress there, I was able to take off for an hour yesterday and bought these:

They are not new.. the newest is Cross Stitch and Needlework on the left, which is May 2011.  The Stoney Creek is October 2010, the Cross Stitcher is August 2010.  Not all of them have patterns that I want, but hey.. for an average of $2 and because there aren't any cross stitch magazines sold here on a regular basis, I'll take what I can get!

Sadly, the few needlework shops here do not offer any Prairie Schooler, Shepherd's Bush, Bent Creek, Just my Imagination, or Lizzie Kate charts/kits... all they have are mostly DMC and Chinese patterns (or should I say patterns from China) .. No, not copies of the ones I mentioned.. just anonymous Chinese ones!  Some manga-type charts too.  I will just have to wait until I can make a trip over, or order online (never tried it for charts and kits though!)

That's it..  comments welcome..  :)   Here's to a happy and productive week ahead!

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