Thursday, November 17, 2011

catching up.. again!

hello!  it's been really really busy at work and i predict it will be as busy as when we were having those labor problems.. (so much sangfroid in saying that when the reality is i do sympathize and really, we have been told that there is no guarantee that it won't happen to us either!) at least 'til december 16.  spent today catching up with my work and will be doing the same thing tomorrow. couldn't even go out to lunch.  didn't get any of the hoped-for stitching done during the break!  what did i do?  i napped!   argh!  lol  i needed it. this weekend i will be adding to the design of the blog by putting in my Wish List, so you can all drool?  yearn?  with me.  i hope it won't be a violation of copyright to show the pictures of what i want.  how's that for a project?  but what i should actually be doing is sewing!  sorry about the pic again, i think it's better to take photos in the morning.. see that nice bit of frill to the green ribbon?

there's a lot of solid stitching on this chart but as it's my first stitch on non-Aida it's not going as fast as i want it to because of the counting! i will add another, better pic later.

many things at home needing replacement, darn!  tv just went today of all days, and a/c in our room made screechy sounds last May or June, water heater would be nice, would like one in all the bedrooms, new water purifier..  i put off replacing the a/c because anyway the worst of summer was over ..  will need to do it probably in Feb (just being frugal) and with Christmas coming the expenses will be ginormous to begin with (plane tickets more expensive).. i need to win the lotto or something so that we can get really good, CLEAN finishing done on the house..!

on the bright side next month i will see my brother, and my nephew and niece.  worth the expense, which i will still be paying for 3 months after, lol.  not literally, but to build up reserves again.  well, there's today's stitching..!  :-D (huge grin to make up for lack of stitches)

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