Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missing you, dear blog!

hello!  welcome to new friends!

missed posting the whole week, i've been so busy!  late nights at work (getting home at 9) have had me really, really tired. after reading from my blog roll, i am just ready to sleep!

it's enough to make me tear out my hair.. everyone's WIP is so beautiful and neat looking, even while they're IP, that it quite drives me to despair!  i surely have a nerve posting my long suffering WIP!  oh well, i'm doing it for the beauty of it (or soon to be beauty of it, when it's finished), and for my satisfaction.  i do think it's a cute, cute pattern, not appreciated enough when it came out.  and there must have been buyers, the chart's got a control number so at least 200 people must have bought it, and now look, i mean it's OOP and HTF!  that is, if anyone other than me would choose to look for it  lol

anyway, here's this week's progress:

darn, i will post later! i forgot i was trying to upload an old SD card so there's no space to take another shot.. meanwhile, i have to go to mass.


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