Saturday, November 12, 2011


tomorrow's only 2 minutes away!  panic, panic
what a short weekend this is turning out to be.. was at work til 3.30pm on a day when it's supposed to be a half day..
didn't get any stitching done; was too busy admiring other people's work (on their blogs!)
just read that it's some sort of blog a day for the whole month, so trying for that (well, for the rest of the month, ha ha!) with this little post.
i know, i know...
saw this little piece mentioned in 123 stitch:  Candice Mendousse - Le Joyeux Noel des Lutine.. would anyone know where to find it?  i love advent calendars!
another nice piece..  Roses Blanches by Reflets de Soie.  reminds me of my mom's beautiful, beautiful tablecloths!  one day i'll do this...

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