Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ho ho ho!

i forgot to write!  oh dear.  i'm still pretty much stitchless and with a growing wish list ?  anyway i will post a pic of the 30 or so stitches i managed so far (shameful i know.. a whole week wasted!).   i started with the bell and abandoned the angel for the meantime because 1) it's hard sewing with metallic thread, DMC light effects - is that the name? and 2) i'm running out of the blue DMC732 i'm using as a substitute for the WD Morris Blue.  i may have to re-do the angel (for the second time, i might add!)  how do i get myself into these things??

my poor WIP is looking more raggedy. i must say today i'm glad the resolution isn't too good because it truly is unpressed and woeful-looking! i'll have to make up for it later (and at least sew the 1 by the angel square!) .

now, it is funny i started with the bell when there are, oh, 21 other motifs i could have made a start on, but i liked the color 991, which forms the ribbon for the bell.  it's such a nice, vibrant green shade.  i confess, i don't have the 3855 for the bell, either.. the substitute for the WD Honeysuckle.  what happened in the 5 or so years i stopped stitching??  where did all these new colors come from??   my DMC Stitcher's Color Guide only has 390 (plus 30 of that year's newest colors)...  and i checked on 123 and the newest guide has 470!  ack!

i wrote ho ho ho on the title post, i should have written ha haha..  then again, high ho might be better, cause it's off to work i go.  hoping to sneak in some stitches during my lunch hour so i can feel virtuous again  :)

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