Sunday, November 13, 2011


spent the day reading, and  being inspired by everyone's work.. also looked for my issue of Burda Practical Handicrafts Vol.1 No. 1, 1993... found it!  And then discovered that the charts are missing!  Burda's got their charts in the middle section of the magazine as a pull least the old ones did! Grrr.. i did want to do several of them, specially "Flowery Meadow", and i had a start already on one of the Danish flower thread wreaths..  sigh..  so i read stitchy blogs the whole day and added to my wishlist of patterns out of frustration.. as if that was going to help! haha ha.. oh well, i can always try e-bay...  

reading stitchy ... now if only i could get going on my own! sewed the "2" on the 2nd square, and that's about it. the DMC 991 is such a nice color!..   will take a pic later.. late with the blogging, need more motivation!

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