Sunday, November 20, 2011

move along now

move along.. that's what the title of this post should be! haha ha
hermit and stitch was this weekend but as i said, saturday not much stitching would be done (in fact none at all!) i was so tired from the little outing that i fell asleep 2 hours after i got home!  blame it on the journey - it was a fun afternoon but too short! - the trip going and coming took really long, back and forth all in all was 6 hours!  i kid you not.  and without the traffic i'm sure it would only have taken 2.

a view of the main gathering place from the gazebo - welcoming lights within

the walkway over the pond.  my friend's husband's family made a very lovely retreat for their mother.

then this afternoon was all about research on a new tv or 2, and of course nothing got done because aside from reading about it now i have to go look at them "in the flesh" as it were!  and i now know the difference between CRT, LCD and LED tvs, more or less, plus what to look at!

anyway, i did some stitching actually (compromised on the floss color, so relieved to be getting on with sewing the motif!) and will post a pic tomorrow.

happy weekend too short!

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