Monday, November 28, 2011

good morning!

thanks, everyone, for sticking by me through this Advent Alphabet project.  i know it's looking a bit raggedy and honestly while it's fun sewing on the linen, it's taking a lot out of me -- the counting and the finding where to start a stitch on the linen!  i only  hope it will look a lot better when it's washed.. whenever that will be  lol

anyway Joysze has just gently reminded me that i haven't posted any pic yet.. so i'm here to tell you that i can't!  LOL  foiled by my camera, i took a shot of my WIP and the battery just died so i'll have to wait for it to charge up again.

on the bright side, i was so excited to finish the square that i started on another one immediately. HA!  how's that for progress?  3 3/4s squares down, 20 more to go! haha ha.. it's a Christmas countdown!  anyway, just to keep me going i am posting a pic of what it's supposed to end up looking like..

and another, closer up (i finished Day 2, the little bell, first row, second column)

the other half:

you can just see the faint pencil marks on the side where my nephew (or niece) decided it was a nice sheet of paper for drawing on..  :)

and in other news, yippee! i found a working copy of the chart i lost (actually it was a magazine and i lost ALL the charts, i mean of all things, the magazine had all the pics and in the middle was stapled the charts, just ONE huge page all folded up!)  i'm lucky i decided to make a working copy - although that's probably how i lost the whole charts page anyway.. from detaching it from the magazine!!  Burda International for those interested.. let me show you the pic of the piece:

okay, with these flowery goodies i must go...  it's my brother's 33rd anniversary of his Day of Re-birth and i have to go to work early so i can leave early for mass!

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  1. Wooowoooo, new square.... charge up, battery, charge up!! Hehehehhe.

    I like the flowers, looking forward to your WIPs on it. :)