Monday, November 21, 2011

progress, at last!

good day!  some progress, at last.  what i stitched sunday (taken in full sunlight, hence the yellowish cast):

and what i stitched today (under flourescent lighting):

leetle by leeetle.. well, there's still the rest of the day (what's left of it!)!

where does the time go?  the days are passing so quickly, i can't believe it's just 30-something days before Christmas!  all the blogs i'm following are doing Christmas stitching, nice and festive!

we are still tv-less, and i doubt i can go buy one until the weekend, so wow! a whole week without tv! i can never not watch a program or two during the evenings.. tonight i would have watched the cooking program Ricardo and Friends, which i first saw in Vancouver, and Chef at Home (if i have the schedule correctly).  or it would be Nigella Bites, or French Food at Home. i'm also partial to the River Cottage series, i can never believe that you can really just live off the land (or maybe you can, and it's just the land in England!)

hurried off to the office this morning without realizing that i wasn't wearing my headband. yes it is very Alice in Wonderland-y but i have to wear one as the hair on the left side of my head is in an inadvertent 'bangs' style. i say inadvertent because it all snapped off after i had a treatment done on my hair (dang!) and i never realized how bad it was because i kept combing my hair back. anyway, the hair has grown and now it's just standing.. i have a thick head of hair so i have to pin that side back and then keep it back with a headband!  that hairdresser really did a number on me.. grrr!  when i look at the strands i note a definite pattern with the breaks occurring at a certain point.. even the split ends split at the same point!  ack!  i don't think i'll be able to stand this much longer.. it will either be short, or again rebonded and then cut short!  if things work well i will be able to stitch while this is being done!  imagine, 5-6 hours while your hair is being done.. boredom!

happy stitching, all! :)


  1. With the Thanksgiving sales around the corner, I bet you'd find some nice sales on TV. :)

    Stitching looks great!!